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Government Relations, Public Affairs and Communications

See What Our Clients Say

Tom Danowski
CEO, Oregon Winegrowers Association

“Dan has been an exceptionally effective, widely respected long-term advisor to Oregon’s diverse community of wine grape growers and winemakers. He brings deep experience, rich insights and an extensive network of strong relationships with key decision-makers in Oregon and D.C. to advance client agendas.”

Michael Lewellen
VP for Corporate Communications, Portland Trail Blazers

“There are critical must-haves for effective Public Affairs and Government Relations strategies – Planning, Focus, Messaging and Connections. Dan Jarman delivers all of these as a high-level consultant and lobbyist. His trusted access and strategic engagement across local, state and federal government channels are among his most valuable assets. There are multiple successful outcomes for Portland Trail Blazers initiatives involving government entities that can be directly tied to assistance from Dan. Among the most notable was the overwhelming passage of Portland Trail Blazers specialty license plate.”

Cyn Wang
Public Policy Director, Airbnb

“Even before we first opened our operational headquarters in Portland, Dan Jarman has served as a key advisor and consultant for Airbnb. On communications, government relations, and strategy, he adroitly advises us on all critical policy decisions throughout the State of Oregon.  With Dan on our team, we get to focus on core outcomes, confident in Dan’s strong network of relationships (both at the state and local level), media savvy, project management, and strategic thinking. We’ve been consistently impressed with Dan’s prodigious work ethic, excellent judgment, ability to produce deliverables, and outcome-oriented approach.”

Sam Tannahill
Co-Founder, AtoZ Wineworks/Rex Hill; Chair, Oregon Business Association; Past Chair; Oregon Wine Board/Oregon Winegrowers Association.

“I’ve known and worked with Dan for over 10 years now and not only is he unafraid to tackle hard issues or take on difficult projects, but works with complete integrity. While we’ve worked together on very complex and challenging issues Dan has always been able to work through them with my absolute respect, but also the respect of both sides. That is no small feat in today’s highly charged political environment. At the end of the day Dan is someone that I trust completely, would recommend wholeheartedly.”