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Government Relations, Public Affairs and Communications

What We Can Do For You

Government Relations

Okay, another way to say it is lobbying. We represent clients at the Oregon legislature, with state agencies and at the local level, such as the City of Portland, that have unique public policy challenges. Whether a home grown business association, non-profit or respected international company, Crosswater Strategies works with clients to develop and execute strategies to achieve policy success. We work everyday with Oregon elected leaders and other key officials. We have spent decades building relationships with Oregon’s policymakers, which enables us to have a respected voice when advocating for our clients.

Our work is much more than just passing, amending or sometimes stopping legislation or local laws. We listen to clients’ individual needs, and create innovative policy solutions based on clear deliverables. This work is based on knowing the politics, process, players and policies. We use our experience in these areas to craft and execute winning strategies that allow our clients to achieve their public policy goals.

Public Affairs

Sometimes a client’s need in Oregon does not require a vote by the legislature, a city council or county commission. Sometimes a client’s objective is to build solid stakeholder relationships or work between public agencies. We develop strategic plans for clients that wish to build long-term working relationships with Oregon’s top political, civic and business leaders, as well as other community influencers. This is an integral part of a multifaceted public policy strategy for our clients.

Rich stakeholder relationships are important. We help clients new to Oregon or already established build and deepen lasting relationships with individuals and organizations that will be strategic collaborators in the future. We also help our clients work between public agencies. We put together strategies for clients that wish to pursue projects or initiatives that involve more than one public agency. This work may include persuading an agency to approve or embrace a private project or concept, bringing agencies together to collaborate on mutually beneficial initiatives or creating innovate projects for public agencies to pursue. Our twenty years’ experience in this area delivers client success.


Any good public policy proposal includes using persuasive communications tools. We imbed communications services into our work for lobbying and public affairs activities.

We also offer communications as a standalone service. These services include the development of key messages, production of lobbying materials and presentation tools, public hearing preparation and speech writing. We offer strategies for social media, press relations and paid and earned media. With decades of experience producing communications materials for clients’ projects and working with the media, we deliver a well-rounded approach to strategic public policy projects. Winning communications tools are a key component of any public policy project.